Build better with

We use leftover waste materials from coal and transform them into low carbon concrete.

Why EcoCrete?

We’re solving common building problems with premium building materials for eco-friendly construction.

It’s stronger,

Our proprietary pozzolan mix makes for concrete & blocks that are significantly stronger than traditional concrete.

sound insulated,

The cellular concrete mix that we use for our GreenBlocks & lightweight cellular concrete is full of sound-insulating micro-bubbles.

& thermally insulated.

The other benefit of these little bubbles? Thermal insulation that keeps your buildings cool naturally, lowering heating costs & associated emissions.

It repels water

All EcoCrete products, especially our GreenBlocks have a much lower water absorption than traditional concrete.

It’s better than traditional building materials in every measurable way.

In a tropical climate, so it’s mold & mildew resistant can be a major building problem, but with EcoCrete you can trust you’re using the dryest materials possible.

It’s better than traditional building materials in every measurable way.

We’re proud of our sustainable impact, but that’s not the only reason to use EcoCrete. We know that you want to use the best in your projects - materials that will perform better and last longer, for a comparable price to what you’re used to. EcoCrete isn’t just a sustainable choice, it’s the obvious choice for any building project in Bali or Indonesia.


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